Accessibility Assistance

Westphalia Broadband

Westphalia Broadband provides products and services to requesting customers with visual impairments for easier digital content engagement.

Accessibility Westphalia Broadband offers its customers navigation devices with the requisite accessibility features for customers that are blind or visually impaired.  Westphalia Broadband’s video platform provides support for screen readers, keyboard navigation, and audible accessibility for the enjoyment of Westphalia Broadband’s programming on any TV in the home and for recording programs in the cloud for playback on linked devices.

To obtain additional information such as user guides in accessible format, or to request support with Accessibility and instrumental products, services, devices and features, including Braille, large print documentation, and audible accessibility please call us at 989-587-5000 or visit


For any concerns or complaints, please contact us:

Phone: 989-587-5000
Mail: 109 E. Main St. Westphalia MI