Robocall Mitigation Plan


        Westphalia Telephone Company is a small/rural carrier eligible for the STIR SHAKEN extension granted to small voice service providers with fewer than 100,000 voice subscriber lines under 47 CFR § 64.6304.

Westphalia Telephone Company has implemented the following Robocall Mitigation Plan to detect and prevent unlawful robocalls from originating on its network.

All calls that originate on Westphalia Telephone Company’s network are subject to the described robocall mitigation program.

Westphalia Telephone Company monitors all originating network traffic for suspicious or abnormal call volume or activity. Calls that meet the below qualifying factors are investigated internally to determine if the calls are legitimate or unlawful:

  • High-volume voice network traffic
  • Large bursts of calls in a short timeframe
  • short duration calls
  •  low average call duration
  • sequential dialing patterns



If it is determined a Westphalia Telephone Company customer is originating prohibited unlawful robocalls on our network, Westphalia Telephone Company will either warn the customer to stop or terminate their service as allowed per Westphalia Telephone Company policy.



Westphalia Telephone Company is committed to cooperating with the Commission, law enforcement, and the industry traceback consortium in investigating and stopping any illegal robocallers that we learn are using our service to originate calls.


Know your Customer

Westphalia Telephone Company has procedures in place to prevent new & renewing customers from using our network to originate illegal robocalls. Westphalia Telephone Company thoroughly vets new residential and business customers by asking personally identifiable questions for additional security on each account before activating new service or making changes to existing services.