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We’ve been here…

The entrepreneurial spirit has deep roots with Westphalia Broadband Inc. (WBI) going back to the early 20th century when telephone service was non-existent in many areas. With the Bell companies focused on urban areas, smaller towns such as Westphalia had to rely on their own means to organize and build a communications infrastructure. At one time, Westphalia had 2 separate companies providing telephone service before there was a merger in 1926 creating the Westphalia Telephone Company (WTC). Today, WBI and WTC utilize state of the art fiber optic technology to bring integrated phone, internet, and cable TV to your home bundled on a single bill.


1926: With the merger of Union Telephone and Farmers Telephone, communications are now centralized under a single company providing comprehensive service to all customers.

1959: Automatic switching equipment replaces the 24 hour staffed switchboard. Customers now dial the desired party and are now connected without human intervention.

1983: The automatic switching system is replaced with a computerized digital switching system. All outside plant facilities are rebuilt providing single party line service to all customers. All dial telephones are replaced with push button “Touchtone” phones.

1994: Fiber Optics handle all long-distance calls; customers enjoy crystal clear connections with no interference.

1997: Internet service is available to Westphalia customers via dial-up.

2001: A partnership between Westphalia Telephone and Great Lakes Comnet brings a tandem switch to Westphalia providing a centralized access point to the world for Michigan’s Independent (non-Bell) Telephone Companies.

2002: High-speed internet (DSL) services are now available to Westphalia’s customers.

2005: WBI is created to offer advanced digital video services along with bundled packages including phone, high-speed DSL internet, and Digital TV. Services are expanded into DeWitt and St. Johns.

Today: WBI has bundled all three services to give you complete communications and home entertainment at one low price. WBI continues to add new and exciting features to enhance the customer experience.

Best of all: Personalized service remains the staple of our company.